Brain Life Style Factors

5 Lifestyle Factors That Contribute to a Decline in Brain Function

Lifestyle Factors that Affect Health

Your lifestyle factors can contribute to either having a healthy brain that functions well or cause your brain to decline in powers such as memory, cognitive and focus.

Bad habits such as eating a poor diet, too much alcohol, stress and not getting enough sleep can greatly affect the brains function and become worse as you age.

Some lifestyle factors which can affect your brain function and cause it to decline are:

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Brain on Autopilot

Effective Strategies for Brain on Autopilot

I feel like I am on Autopilot all the time

Well, Brain Autopilot is common. You do quite many activities on auto pilot – Whether you choose to accept or not! One simple case: As soon as you get up in morning, You’ll have a routine – Wash Up, have a Cup of Coffee, Read the Newspaper and head Off to work.

Even if you’re half drowsy, the chances that you will complete the routine is pretty high. Some how your body moved effortlessly to all the right places.

So, What is beneficial? Follow a Conscious approach or continue with Autopilot of the Brain? Is there a way to break the process?

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Brain Exercise Improves Memory

Discover How Exercise Could Lead To A Better Brain

Brain Exercises Improve Memory. Most of us start thinking about exercise after we have some sort of ailment.

You know pretty well that you should engage in a regular physical activity. Yet, under some pretext you’ve kept putting it off. It is only after you’ve already noticed a potential health threat, that you start to take action.

Here are 5 good reasons to Exercise on a regular basis. Read on!

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